Preliminary Design Engineering of Liquid Recovery System (LRS) at Bintulu Additional Gas Sales Facilities (BAGSF)

Project Details :

Provision of Engineering Design for Liquid Recovery System on the following scope:
LRS is designed to liquefy the C5+ components in the gas phase via Hydrocarbon Dewpointing process. The system is designed as two stages of the liquid recovery process. Self-refrigeration method (Gas Pre-Cooler) is used to provide required cooling duty for 1st Stage Liquid Recovery while Joule-Thompson (JT) cooling (via Expander or JT Valve) is used for 2nd Stage Liquid Recovery.The liquefied hydrocarbon produced will go to the condensate stabilization unit prior to storage in the condensate tank at BSTAB facility. The hydrocarbon gas shall be returned to the export line at the specified export pressure and sales gas specification.

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